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This page tells you what you need to know when going to camp or a sleepover and what you need to bring

Camps and Sleepovers

Going to a sleepover or a sleepaway camp can be tough for people with ostomies. For camp. I go to an ostomy camp funded and made by Ostomy Canada called Easter Seals Camp Horizon. This camp in Bragg Creek, Alberta, is made for kids with ostomies to have fun. It's so great that all the volenteers do this for the kids. There are Nurses on site and counsellors to have fun with.

For sleepovers, I only have sleepovers if they are with my closest friends and I have told them about my ostomy.


Airport Security

The thing that all ostomites hate, next to public bathrooms, is airport security. It is always so embarrassing when they ask you about your ostomy/ supplies. It is always a worrying time. Either you are questioned about what you are "smuggling" under that bulge, or why are you bring such weird liquids into the airport. I have a simple solution to this problem! You might already know this solution, but it is good to know that someone else knows that this strategy is a good one. The solution is as simple as printing off a piece of paper. That is right, you print off a piece of paper explaining your medical supplies or ostomy. See, Simple!! 

This part is for anyone with supplies, not just an ostomy. If you have lots of supplies, it is not really smart to put all of your supplies in one bag. A much smarter idea, is to put a bit of each thing into different luggage bags. (ex. If i have 4 glycerin bottles, i would put 2 in one bag and 2 in another.). You should do this because if a bag is missing and it is a bag with all your supplies, you are sadly out of luck. however, if you put a bit of your supplies in each bag, you would still ave a bit of your supplies!

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