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Hey Guys. I am sorry I was gone so long. I was at camp for 1 week then I went to British Columbia for the next. I wanted to talk about camp! I went to the Easter Seals Camp Horizon with the Ostomy Canada Group! It is a camp in Bragg Creek, Alberta, where kids with ostomies can go, make new friends, and feel like home.

I even went on the giant swing which terrified me but happily nobody has ever been hurt on it XD. You basically sit in a harness hung up with a strong rope. Then, others pull on a rope to get you higher and higher. I probably went the lowest but my very best friend went all the way to the highest you can go! I loved camp and I am pretty my friend loved camp too and will for sure go next year.


<3 XD!

ps. I will tell you more about camp In the next post.

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