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This site also has reviews on the most recent hotels that I stayed at. I try my best to add the best review I can but I also want to be honest about what I think can be changed and what can stay.



These are the most recent hotels that I have been to.

I wrote down what I think of them too.



August 2015

One of the best trips that I ever had was my Hawaii trip. My family and I went to Honolulu for 1 week then went on a cruise ship across the rest of the islands. We went ATVing and I stayed at a kids club. It was amazing.

I would definitely recommend it.

El Cid Resort & Spa (Mexico)

An amazing hotel with so many activities to do. From bars that are 1 beer apart to the huge pool! This hotel is great.

The only thing I think it needs work on is that its employees need to care a bit more towards the customers.

Great Wolf Lodge

This hotel is the idea FUN! From the huge arcade prizes to the waterpark for everyone, this hotel is a must-go-to when you are in the Niagara Falls area!


A great hotel in Campbell River, BC. From the pool to the free breakfast, this is a fun place to be. I think it should have a few more activites like a slide at the pool.


Best Western Austrian Chalet

This is my favourite trip

Jungle Cat World

A great place to go to feed your inner animal lover. From the adorable animals to the exciting activities, this is a great bed and breakfast that exceeds many standards.

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