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Car & Travel Games

Travel is always fun but can start to get boring from time to time. Here are some awesonly fun games to play with your family in the car.


As my mom says, dog is a real life version of POKEMON GO! (Not sponsered) This game is really good for long road trips along the coast. You basically look out the window and yell DOG every time you see a dog. Bonus points for a dog swimming, running, playing fetch, pooping etc.

Spot the pgfs

My title says Spot the Pokemon Go fans BTW and i am also still not sponsored (Saying that so i don't get copyright or one million emails in my inbox saying 'am i sponsored' or 'what does My title mean' ! Anyway, This game similar to dog, you spot all the people looking down on their phone, most likely playing pokemon go, you get bonus points if someone you spot is wearing a pokemon costume or master/trainer outfit.


Alphabet Groceries

This is the ever popular car game from 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul' (not sponsored). In this game (normally played by 2 or more people), Someone starts and they have to name something you can but at a grocery store that begin with A, after they go, the next person goes and names something you can buy that begins with B, and so on. This game is fun because you can take it easy and use words like apple and banana, or you can do a hard version and use words like avocado and basil!

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