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Hello and welcome to my blog. This blog is supposed to be used by kids and adults alike that have ostomies and are scared about what will happen. This website can also be used as a review website from a child's perspective. Hope you enjoy the blog, and why not submit stories to me and I will add them to the site! Thank you for reading this!

-Holly (age 12)


This blog isn't just for people with ostomies, it can also be used by people who want reviews on hotels and resorts from a kid's perspective. Click Reviews for the reviews.


Camps & Sleepovers

Going to a sleepover or an overnight camp can be hard with an ostomy. Learn more about preparing for the occasion.

About Holly C. A.

Hello, I'm Holly. I'm a fellow ostomite. If you don't know what that is. it means that I have an ostomy which actually saved my life and many others as well. I am not normal, yet I am not different. I am unique in my own way and I want to help others who have my condition or an ostomy because of a different reason.

I hope you enjoy my website and have fun sharing your stories with me and looking through my reviews and blog posts!

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